The deletion policy dictates which pages, categories, and files should and should not be deleted on this wiki.

Things that should be deleted

  • Pages or files that are unrelated to The Legend of Zelda.
  • Pages or files that contain fan-created information.
  • A page that contains information that is heavily opinionated and not factual.
  • User pages can be deleted only if the user requests it. It is impossible to delete an account, though the user page can be deleted.
  • Advertising and spam.
  • Nonsense pages.
  • Copyright violations. Taking images/pages from a website that say they are to be used only on their sites should not be used.
  • Useless or incorrect redirects. For example, a redirect such as #REDIRECT: [[That one guy in zelda]] isn't helping anyone.
  • Useless or incorrect categories, such as those including nonsense.
  • Useless or incorrect templates, such as those including nonsense.
  • Useless or poor quality files, such as those with watermarks.
  • Any images or other files that contain obscenity of any kind, including violence and sexual content.
  • Pages in another language. This wiki is English, no other languages are allowed.

Things that should not be deleted

  • Stubs. Stubs, no matter how small, could one day become a full article.
  • A page that requires a cleanup. These pages are just in need of attention and do not need to be deleted.
  • Vandalism. Blanking pages and inserting random words can be reverted, unless a page was created that had an obscene or random title.