The following are Zeldapedia's policies that are to be adhered to across the wiki.



  • In the Zeldapedia Discussions section, users must adhere to the Guidelines.
  • In the Zeldapedia Discord server, users must adhere to the guidelines found on the server, as well as the Terms of Service for both FANDOM and Discord.
  • When blocking other users, administrators must use the Blocking Policy as a guideline.
  • In order to request rollback or administrative rights, users must follow the guidelines found on the requests for adminship page.
  • Being "active" in a given month (as seen in requirements for adminship as well as voting on requests for adminship) entails editing mainspace articles at least fifteen times during that month.

Mainspace Pages

  • The "mainspace" includes articles and their talk pages, images, and templates.
  • When making new pages or fixing articles, users should use the Manual of Style as a general guide.
  • When deleting pages, administrators should follow the Deletion policy.
  • When protecting pages, administrators should follow the protection policy.
  • In order to maintain this wiki's integrity, users are not permitted to directly copy information from any site and add it here.
  • Zeldapedia does not allow trivia sections in articles. Information relevant to the article should be put into the body of the page as opposed to trivia lists.
  • Theories should be supported by multiple users and sufficient evidence should be provided before being added into pages. Baseless speculation is not to be added to pages. Before adding a theory to a page, please discuss it on the talk page of the page in question.
  • Talk pages are to be used only for discussion about improving the article in question or other constructive questions — personal opinions and gameplay advice should be kept to user talk pages and userpages.
  • Major changes to multiple articles must be discussed before they are made. This includes creation of templates, addition of new sections, and similar changes. These discussions should generally take place on the Zeldapedia forums.
  • Images on mainspace pages must be limited to in-game images and official artwork.

Appropriate behavior

  • Users may upload no more than one image to be used on user subpages, in word bubbles, or for other personal, non-mainspace uses (a user image).
  • Edit warring (consistently reverting the edits of others) is disallowed. If you have a problem with a user's edits, please discuss it on their talk page.
  • Use of strong inappropriate language is disallowed.
  • All uploaded images must not contain profanity or sexually explicit material.
  • Personally insulting (attacking) users is disallowed.