"You say you want to buy a Zora Tunic? That tunic is made of the finest material, and is therefore exceedingly expensive! In fact, I'm afraid only that very rich family in Kakariko Village can afford this fine garment..."
Zora Shopkeeper
The Zora Tunic

The Zora Tunic is a tunic that allows Link to breathe underwater in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The only difference in appearance from his other tunics is its blue color. Link can either buy this from the Zora's gift shop in Zora's Domain for 300 Rupees or he can obtain it by thawing King Zora XVI with Blue Fire. If Link has purchased the Zora Tunic beforehand, the King will offer him a big Zora Kiss instead.

Though this tunic is widely helpful in the Water Temple, it is actually not necessary to complete the game. Assuming Link has enough life (and therefore a longer time span to holding his breath), he could simply run through the water-filled areas and reemerge to the surface before running out of oxygen.

Non-canonical appearances

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Soulcalibur II and Super Smash Bros.

A tunic that is blue in color can be chosen as an alternate form of Link's tunic in the Super Smash Bros. series and Soulcalibur II. It can be presumed that this is the Zora Tunic; however, it has no special properties.

Hyrule Warriors

Link in his Zora Tunic from Hyrule Warriors

The Zora Tunic appears as a blue recolor of Link's standard outfit however like the blue tunics in Super Smash Bros. and Soulcalibur II it has no special properties and is purely cosmetic. Unlike most other recolors it is referred to simply as the Zora Tunic. It can be unlocked by completing a single Reward Map (unlocked by completing Illustration Pieces) scenario.

The Zora Tunic from Ocarina of Time appears as three badges (Zora Tunic I, Zora Tunic II, and Zora Tunic III) that can be crafted at the Bazaar's Badge Market. Each badge reduces damage taken on water-element-recommended stages.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Zora Tunic (Fairy Clothing Top) from Hyrule Warriors Legends
Zora Skirt (Fairy Clothing Bottom) from Hyrule Warriors Legends

An alternate version of the Zora Tunic appears as a Fairy Clothing Top option for Companion Fairies. Additionally there is a bottom option that matches it called Zora Skirt. Both the Zora Tunic and Zora Skirt have a Water Elemental Attribute.

Link's Zora Tunic Recolor costume can be unlocked on the standard Adventure Mode map.

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